About Us

Compas-Sur Flamenco Sevilla was inaugurated in 2011 and was an idea of ​​Esther.

After a long career on the stage, Esther decided, with this Project, to devote herself to teaching. Her artistic and teaching experience makes it a guarantee for achieving success in learning.

Our Traning Classes

This project was born from the insistence of students who came from other countries and, in their place of residence, they did not have the opportunity to learn Flamenco, and also that of some students who wanted to complement their training individually. We wanted the project to be for all abilities,  from initial levels to professional levels and for that we are guided by our real experience in our school in Seville.

The annual work of the different learning groups that we have in the school was done online. We use the daily practice, and the most common mistakes that students have, to teach our lessons of each online course. We like to know each of them and follow their development, so we review videos that they send to us and we make corrections. We continue working continuously to expand and reinforce it with improvements.

Stages Experiences

We have had the opportunity to tour stages around the world. Among other countries, we have worked in France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Kuwait, Dubai, United States, Mexico, Japan and China. We have shared the bill with Flamenco greats such as Juan Manuel Cañizares, Manuel de Paula, Esperanza Fernández, Manuela Carrasco, Rocío Molina, Belén Maya, and Rafaela Carrasco, among others.

Our teachers were part of famous Flamenco groups such as the Flamenco group Andaluza de Danza, the Flamenco group de Cristina Hoyos, the Flamenco group de Eva la Yerbabuena, the Flamenco group de Aída Gómez, and the Flamenco group de Andrés Marín.  We have also participated in Flamenco Festivals among which include the Seville Biennial, the Jerez Festival, the White Night of Córdoba and many more.