The Hard Truth: Which Medigap Plans are Discontinued?

What You Need To Know About Medigap: The Plans That Are Dropped

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has notified insurance companies of plans that are being dropped from the Medigap offerings. Which Medigap plans are discontinued? These plans are: A, C, F, G. So what does this mean? Well, it means that if you’re shopping for a new Medigap plan in 2020 and one of these is your current plan then you’ll need to find a replacement.

What’s important to know about this change is that all other existing Medigap policies will continue as they were before without any changes or revisions.

If you’re not sure what the A, C, F and G plans covered then it might be time to take out insurance quotes!

Which Medigap Plans Are Discontinued

The “A” Plan covers 80% of hospital charges after $250 deductible is met; however, does not cover the 20% coinsurance for doctor’s fees, tests or treatment that are not in-network.

The “C” plan covers expenses incurred from going to an out-of-network hospital after meeting a $250 deductible and has no coverage of non emergency medical care outside of the U.S.; it does offer catastrophic protection with limited lifetime benefits up to age 65 at 100%.

The “F” Plan is similar to the original Medicare Part B program as it includes 80% payment on outpatient services like lab work and 60% payment on doctors visits when you go to providers who participate in both programs; however, this is only applicable if your policy was purchased before January 2013 so contact your agent about these plans.

Finally, the “G” plan is a newer alternative to the “A” Plan that has lower hospital co-insurance rates but higher doctor’s fees.

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